Volunteer for Your Career

ATD-OC is designed to serve talent development professionals by developing programs and opportunities for you to remain at the top of your game and remaining a sought after and respected professional.

Our entire focus is on creating opportunities for you to apply your knowledge and test your skills. To this end, we have expanded our use of committees and volunteers as we engage in cutting-edge activities demonstrating the contributions you make to organizations.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shared the shift of business schools replacing traditional case-study teaching with experiential (real) workplace dilemmas. ATD-OC is uniquely positioned to offer a safe place for members to apply and experiment with their knowledge thus providing them the opportunity to close the knowing/doing gap.

By focusing on engaging others, we automatically practice and perfect our talent development skills and build our professional network in Orange County and empower others to effectively develop talent in the workplace.

In turn, this strengthens the chapter by widening the group of volunteers which increases the pool of potential chapter leaders for the future.

Our ATD-OC Vision Statement is:

Be the space in which to practice and perfect your talent development skills and build your professional network in Orange County.

Our ATD-OC Mission Statement is:

Empower local professionals to effectively develop talent in the workplace.

It is not the WHAT we accomplish, it is the HOW we accomplish it. And the above becomes the operational guide and measurement for staying on track.

Below is a comprehensive list of these opportunities.

President’s Outreach (Strategic Partnership) Committee

This committee designs programs for outreach to organizations and executives on behalf of ATD-OC.

Learn more about this Committee: Click Here

President’s Media Committee

The ATD-OC is experimenting with visual and audio media to connect with executives and talent development specialists.

Learn more about this Committee: Click Here

Membership Team

This team orients and welcomes new members, keeps in touch with them throughout their membership and strives to help them identify and meet their needs.  The team also conducts outreach efforts to potential members.

Learn more about this Committee: Click Here

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